Web Venture Support

CyberSideline is offering to select individuals a one-stop website service that combines web hosting, management, and consultation. The name of this service is Web Venture Support.

Our Web Venture Support Basic Package offers the following:

  • A virtual storefront for your business.
    • Website Hosting on a reliable server
    • WordPress Installation for a Domain Name you own
    • Linking the Domain Name with your new Website
    • Assist you with WordPress Theme selection
    • Install essential WordPress Plugins for security and speed
  • An attractive User Interface via WordPress Themes
    • an attractive UI Theme that is easy to navigate and is visually appealing
    • Contact forms that go to your email
  • Ongoing Security
    • WordPress, its Plugins and Themes, and web host will be kept secure through software updates
    • Website will be backed up regularly about once a month
  • Brief Monthly Consultation
    • Website Traffic report emailed to you once a week so you see whether your outreach is working
    • 15 minute per month communication to review your website goals with some actionable steps for you to take
  • Advanced Website Design
    • Additional functionality is available and could involve purchase of a commercially available program or customized programing. We will research and broker for you the modifications from start to finish.
  • Respect Your Autonomy
    • You are responsible to make any updates to website content such as pages and posts.
    • You can modify the website at your discretion.
    • The website can be moved by yourself to another hosting service at any time.

If you are interested in this comprehensive service, the cost is:

$10.00 (CAN) per month paid vie eTransfer

Advanced and Custom packages are available.

Get in touch through our Contact Form.